#ThroughTheWire 05/30

From the latest 'Game of Thrones'-themed video games to the future of space exploration, The Connectivist brings you the best of this week’s science, tech, and TV news.

Halt and Catch Fire offers accurate portrayal of ‘80s tech

With the end of Mad Men slated for 2015, AMC is in need of a new series to bring in the ratings and rave reviews. If early reactions are any indication, the network may have already found a critical darling in its new period piece about the 80s PC revolution entitled Halt and Catch Fire.

The show premieres June 1 and will step into Mad Men’s time slot. Viewers can catch the pilot episode early on AMC’s site. Read more.

Tyrion Lannister stars in video game

It looks like Tyrion won’t need to worry about dodging any swords in the next episode of Game of Thrones, but the good folks at Vulture have put together a video game where everyone’s favorite member of House Lannister maneuvers between swords falling from above while trying to catch the goblets of wine also raining down. Read more and give it a try .

Samsung strikes deal with Oculus VR

Many have been wondering what’s next for Oculus VR following its acquisition by Facebook, and it looks like the virtual reality headset maker will partner with Samsung to create a media-centric headset. On the surface at least, the Samsung deal seems to make a lot more sense than the Facebook acquisition.

Samsung has been looking to enter the VR market itself, and under the terms of the new deal, Oculus will provide software, while Samsung will grant access to its next-generation OLED screens. Read more.

Elon Musk unveils new SpaceX capsule

The SpaceX Dragon V2 capsule was announced Thursday night at an event at the company’s California headquarters. Elon Musk was on hand and told press that the capsule will be ready by 2016 and will be able to ferry as many as seven passengers at a time to the International Space Station. Read more.

Danny McBride reteams with HBO for new series

Since the finale of Eastbound & Down last year, there’s been somewhat of a Danny McBride deficit on HBO, but that’s all changing with the network’s announcement that the star will soon return for a new comedy series called Vice Principals. The show is set in a high school and will follow the day-to-day of faculty and staff. Read more.

Marilyn Manson boards FX’s Sons of Anarchy

It’s been a couple years since Marilyn Manson’s last studio album, but the shock-rocker is set to retake the spotlight with a turn on FX’s final season of Sons of Anarchy. Manson will play white supremacist Ron Tully in a recurring role on the show’s seventh season, which premiers in September. Read more.