#ThroughTheWire 4/4

From free NASA codes to fingerprint payment, The Connectivist brings you the best of this week’s science, tech, and TV news.

Watch Fargo’s first 7 minutes 

Everyone is talking about the Game of Thrones season four premiere — and rightly so. But maybe we should also be talking about FX’s miniseries Fargo. The show kicks off on April 15 and you can watch the first 7 minutes above. Go ahead, enjoy those accents.

Pay with your fingerprint

Apple iPhone users can already use their fingerprint to unlock their device and pay for apps, but Samsung is taking it a step further. Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphone launches on April 11, and it’ll use fingerprint reading technology to pay for all kinds of things. If a website accepts PayPal, you can use a swipe of the index finger across the phone’s home button to pay. Read more.

Internet era quotes:


What if the world’s most notable wordsmiths had lived during the age of the Internet? The Daily Dot pondered this question and decided to re-imagine some of history’s most famous phrases and speeches in GIF form — what they came up with is worth a chuckle or two. Read more.

Build your own spaceship:

Yes this is real, no it wasn’t an April fool’s prank. Much of NASA’s software is already available for public use — you can download it and adapt it for your own use. But next Thursday, as Wired reports, NASA will release a “master list of projects.” We’re not just talking about stuff you can run on your laptop, more like robots, cryogenic systems and the code for running rocket guidance systems. Read more.


An army at Blackwater didn’t bring the most smug man in Westeros to his knees, but maybe a million tweets could. Ahead of the impending fourth season of Game of Thrones, HBO placed a statue of King Joffrey in the middle of Auckland, New Zealand with a noose around his neck. Anyone who wants to see an end to the King should tweet away with #bringdowntheking and watch the livestream.