8 of The World’s Weirdest TV Commercials

From South Korea to Great Britain, we bring you the best of the most utterly bizarre TV commercials you've ever seen.

1. Jammy Dodgers: United Kingdom

Based upon some Internet research, the Jammy Dodger appears to be a staple of British children’s lunch boxes. Why they thought a ballad-singing-monkey would help with sales is beyond us.

2. Cadbury’s: United Kingdom

Speaking of primates selling confectionary, in comes Cadbury’s drum-playing-ape. What does this have to do with chocolate? No idea. But somehow we found it persuasiveā€¦

3. Cadbury’s: United Kingdom

Perhaps the Cadbury’s brand is so well established they can do literally anything in their commercials? Ā These eyebrow-flexing kids are bizarre and brilliant in equal measure. We would have loved to attend the auditions for this one.

4. Goma Mugi Cha: Japan

Two Japanese businessmen pull up on the side of the road for a pee and accidentally cause the beginnings of a forest fire with their cigarette butts. Thank goodnesses one of them had high blood pressure and managed to cut his head open, otherwise the mountainsides of Japan would be ablaze at this very moment.

5. XBox: United Kingdom

Before you know it, you’re a naked elderly man plummeting into a grave. Life is short, so play more.

6. Toyota: Japan

You know what I really want in my car? A human hand for a cup holder, but Toyota was way ahead of me here.

7. Uni Green Tea: Japan

As far as hypnotic baby caterpillars go, this one is by far the most adorable.

8. Android: South Korea

All we get from this is to stay well clear of changing an Android’s diaper.